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Why not 100%?

Why do we offer 99.9% accuracy and not 100%? Shouldn't post-production transcription be 100% accurate?

Because we're human. And although transcription seems like an objective task, different listeners hear different things. Any service that guarantees 100% accuracy is simply rounding up.

Can you honestly hear the difference between "A massive fish down there" and "A mass of fish down there"?

Though anyone who can read and write can technically perform transcription, it takes training and practice to do it well. On top of that -- and anyone who has dabbled in transcription knows this -- transcription is tedious.

Let the staff of transcribers at NetCaptioning save you the work. We employee transcribers from all specialities -- legal, medical, scientific. We guarantee 99.9% accuracy of all of our transcripts that we deliver. That's because every script send out is reviewed by no less than two sets of eyes: the transcriber and the editor. This is standard practice at NetCaptioning, and this is why our clients trust us with their most sensitive and challenging transcriptions.

Take a look below at some of the types of transcripts that we provide:
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