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Caption and Subtitle Encoding
Can I encode myself?

Yes and no. There is software that you may own that will allow you to encode video files yourself, such as Apple Compressor, Telestream Episode, and some Avid software.

However, certain file types require specialized software for caption encoding. On top of that, you still need a caption file that syncs perfectly with your video file. The software you may own probably does not allow you to manipulate the captioning to any great extent.

Encoding refers to the marrying of the caption or subtitle data to the video file. Caption encoding is often needed when delivering your video to a television broadcast network. Subtitle encoding is needed for many different reasons. When subtitles are encoded, or burned, onto the video, they cannot be turned on and off; they are permanently overlaid on the video.

NetCaptioning utilizes the latest caption encoding techniques in order to ensure that your project is encoded successfully. Some of the common video formats that we support are:

  • MPEG-2

  • Quicktime MOV

  • MXF

  • WMV

Here you can download and view samples of different types of video files that have been encoded with captions or subtitles.
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