specialized scripts

What's in a CCSL?
Specialized Scripts

Combined Continuity & Spotting Lists (CCSL) are extremely thorough transcripts of a production. They may contain:

  • dialogue

  • time codes of dialogue

  • speaker IDS

  • sound effects

  • time codes of edits

  • continuity

What are specialized scripts? These are scripts that contain more than just dialogue and/or must be formatted in a very particular way, depending on the type of script.

Some of the more specialized types of scripts we offer are:

  • Combined Continuity & Spotting Lists (CCSL)

  • Combined Continuity & Dialogue Lists (CCDL)

  • As-broadcast (ABS) scripts

  • Transcripts with language annotations (for translation and subtitling purposes)

  • Dialogue lists

Take a look below at some samples of specialized scripts:
CCSL Sample
CCSL Sample

This is a sample of a combined continuity & spotting list.

Dialogue List Sample
Dialogue List Sample

This is a sample of a standard dialogue list. You'll see time codes, speaker IDs, and dialogue. You'll also see sound effects and on-screen text.

Dialogue List with Language Annotations
Dialogue List with Language Annotations

This is a sample of a dialogue list with language annotations. This serves as a standard dialogue list, but has accommodations for translators.

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