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Elliot Roberts

Elliot started his career with CPC, Computer Prompting and Captioning, in 2006 and helped to develop the industry-standard CaptionMaker and MacCaption software. Foreseeing the rise in video content across all industries, he started NetCaptioning in 2012. He has a background in education, which has helped in many facets of subtitling and translation. When not captioning a boring government video or subtitling a commercial in eight languages, he loves to travel, backpack, hike… pretty much anything outdoors.

Mariel Lobos
Lead Project Manager

Born in Argentina, Marisa (Mariel) started studying English at an early age. Her interest in the language would later lead to a professional career when she started studying National Public Translation in English at the National University of Catamarca. While working as an ESL teacher and freelancing, she developed a passion for subtitling, an area on which she decided to focus all her energy. She joined the NetCaptioning team in 2015.

Jerome Infante.jpg
Jerome Infante
English proofreader and subtitler

Jerome is a journalist-turned-marketer who has always been passionate about storytelling. He showcased his love for traveling and writing in online magazines and leading broadsheets in the Philippines while working as a subtitle editor and copywriter for an entertainment platform years ago. His most previous stint was as a marketing content specialist at a global outsourcing company where his main tasks include content creation, email marketing, blogs, newsletters, internal and external corporate communications, as well as social media management. When he is not working, you will find him playing NBA 2K20 on his PS4, browsing cool interior design ideas, exploring local hiking trails, or running with his three dogs to stay active.

Guia De los Santos.jpg
Guia De los Santos
English proofreader and subtitler

Guia began her career back when she was still in college, hustling both university writing majors and translating Hollywood films for SDI Media. Over the course of her writing journey, she continued her path in multimedia arts and pursued her passion for storytelling as an advertising professional. With over 500 satisfied clients, 200 marketing campaigns & 7 years of dedicated writing experience, Guia eventually went on to become a seasoned copywriter - crafting, editing, and proofreading content for Broadcasting, Print, Social Media, and Events. During her day-off, Guia becomes this cool aunt who spoils her nieces & nephews on adventurous road trips, online games, food fest & music concerts! By doing this, Guia believes she does not only get to bond with the kids, she also gets up-to-date with trends & pop culture.

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